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Ceramics firing NOW AVAILABLE ! 

Surrey, BC.

My home studio is on 92 ave, near 182 st in Surrey (close to 176 st exit on Hwy 1 so easy access from Vancouver or Fraser Valley). Easy parking behind my house and only a few steps to my kiln !

  • Kiln: SKUTT C183 electric, manual 
  • Internal size: 15" DIA / 15" HEIGHT
  • Max firing temperature: CONE 6 / 2232 F

PRICE - Full Kiln: Bisque $70 / Glaze $85.

Half kiln and single shelf pricing available on request and dependent on my firing schedule.

Typically I can fit 7-8 coffee mugs per shelf, 3 shelves per firing. I have a large variety of kiln post sizes and half shelves to help maximize kiln capacity. Also a bead rack and two stilts.

Turnaround time is variable as the kiln is manual and I need to be in my studio during the firing. A full kiln load would normally be fired within a week. Partial kiln firing will depend on the amount of work I also have to fire so wait times can be significantly longer.

Mid-Fire (cone 5/6) clay and glazes only.


  1. Your work must be bone dry and ready for firing when dropped off. If your piece blows up in the kiln, I'm not responsible for the damage it does to the pieces around it. There will also be a $25 clean up fee.
  2. Glazes that run.... if you know you have a runny glaze bring a cookie to fire that piece on and take the necessary precautions: Leave extra space on the body of your piece for the glaze to move. Don't overload the glaze layers. If a piece sticks to the shelf it often breaks and damages the shelf. $25 fee for any piece that sticks to the shelf. If the shelf is damaged to the point it needs to be replaced you will be charged $50.

I will treat your work carefully like my own, but I cannot be held responsible for any breakage. Accidents happen and sometimes things just don't make it through the process.

If you have any questions, just send me an email -