Product Care

Ceramic is a very strong, scratch-resistant material. Here are a few tips for cleaning and taking care of your ceramic STUDIO EIGHTEEN jewellery:

+ Be careful when putting ceramic pieces on and taking them off. To prevent chips or breakage, try not to hit against or drop on a hard surface, such as tile, concrete, or wood. 

+ Don't wear your jewellery when sleeping, showering, or swimming.

+ Please be mindful when wearing the long U Necklace, so that it doesn’t swing against your desk, coffee mug etc.

+ Store your ceramic pieces separately to the rest of your jewellery to prevent it from being chipped and to prevent the ceramic from scratching your other pieces.

+ If required, clean with mild soap and water. Gently clean with a q-tip or soft bristled toothbrush and dry with a soft, lint free cloth.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions